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Domain Name and IP (v4 and v6) WHOIS


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to see the WHOIS record for your domain names and IP addresses. Most of the gTLDs and ccTLDs are supported, but the support for new gTLDs is limited. However, we do support nTLDs which have public whois servers like TIPS, CLUB etc. You can also enter an IPv4 or an IPv6 address in the text area and we will query the respective WHOIS server for that address.

The WHOIS record for a website is a very important record because it provides proof of ownership when the domain name is transferred between registrars. An accurate WHOIS record is a mandatory thing for webmasters and should be kept current and updated, unless you use a private WHOIS service in which case, the provider will act as a proxy between your contact information and the contact information on the WHOIS record.

We don't cache any WHOIS records, so please use the tool sparingly. You don't need to check the WHOIS record more than once a month, unless you made a change to it. Note that the WHOIS data of a domain name is completely in the hands of the owner. On the other hand, the IP WHOIS data is generally controlled by the web hosting company that assigns the IP address to your host name. So don't worry too much about the WHOIS record of your IP address.

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