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Website Speed Test from multiple network locations


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to check your website download speed from 7 distributed locations across the world including locations in North America (LA, NY, Dallas, SF), Europe (Amsterdam, London), Australia (Sydney) and Asia (Singapore, Tokyo).

We actually download your website from all locations in real time and report the download speed. Most websites should be downloaded in less than 2000 millseconds, but some larger websites might take more than 4 seconds. Fast website loading for users around the world is imperative, and it is also know to reduce the bounce rate and improve engagement and conversion.

The download speed of your website depends on several factors including the distance of your server from the user. This is why a distributed website speed test from multiple locations is very important. CDN's might speed up static content, but dynamic content is difficult to speed up unless you have a distributed network of servers with replicated content. So just input your domain/host name/IP address and we will check your website speed in real time. But use the tool sparingly as we don't cache any results and you get a fresh report everytime you run the tool.

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