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Traceroute from multiple network locations


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to generate a traceroute to your domain name or IP address from multiple distributed locations across the world including locations in North America (LA, NY, Dallas, SF), Europe (Amsterdam, London), Asia (Singapore, Tokyo) and Australia (Sydney).

The traceroute tool allows you to see the complete path that packets take when routed through the network to your destination. You can enter a host name or an IP address in the text area. Missing trace values may or may not be bad as some hosts purposely disable trace and ping packets.

The traceroute tool is a very useful tool to diagnose and correct routing errors. The tool also shows the transit latency of each host in the path to your destination. A complete trace to your domain name or IP address ensures that the networks en route to your host are all connected and functioning properly without errors. Increased latency could also be detected and corrected.

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