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DNS Providers Market Share
Managed DNS Providers Market Share
The market share of DNS providers is calculated based on the number of domain names that use their service. DNSMadeEasy, RackSpace and CloudFlare are the top three managed DNS providers, accounting for 46% of domain names in the top 1 million domain names.
Web Hosting Providers Market Share
Web Hosting Providers Market Share
GoDaddy is the leading web hosting provider with 14.17% market share followed by HostGator, 1and1 and RackSpace.
Domain Name Registrars Market Share
Domain Name Registrars Market Share
GoDaddy is the leading domain name registrar followed by Network Solutions. Network Solutions is the oldest domain name registrar and it still enjoys a very high market share. GoDaddy gained its popularity because of its very low cost service. ENOM, Public Interest Registry, Tucows and Nominet also have significant market share in the domain name industry.
Web Server Market Share
Web Servers Market Share
No surprises here; Apache and Microsoft IIS are the leading web servers with a penetration of 87% of websites around the world in the top 1 million domain names. Nginx and Google web servers also have a significant market share. They are followed by LiteHTTPD and LiteSpeed with a 1% deployment each.
Web Operating System Market Share
Web OS Market Share
The pie chart above shows the penetration of web operating systems in web servers (this does not include OS usage on home computers). Linux, CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu and Debian are the top 5, followed closely by Fedora. OVH is a Linux distribution created by the company for its customers and it accounts for 1.64% of websites. FreeBSD, which is not a Linux flavor, has a market share of 2.06% (BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution). Windows is only on 1.27% of servers followed by SUSE which is on 1.05% of servers.
Website Speed Pie Chart
Website Speed Chart
The website speed is measured as the time it takes to download a web page completely. 34.7% of websites were crawled in less than 500 milliseconds. 23.86% of sites were downloaded in half a second to 1 second.
Top Level Domains (TLD)
Top Level Domains
com, net and org (the oldest TLDs) account for almost 63.59% of the domain names. info is used by about 1.45% of domain names. edu is used by 0.27% of domain names in the top million. In ccTLDs, ru (Russia) has the highest penetration followed by de (Germany), jp (Japan), uk (United Kingdom) and cn (China).
Domain Length
Domain Length
The domain length is the number of characters before the TLD. About 9.58% of domain names are of 2 to 5 characters in length. 37% of domain names are 6 to 10 chars in length. 33% of domain names are 11 to 15 characters in length. About 21% of domain names have a length greater than 15 characters.
DNS Lookup Speed Statistics
DNS Lookup Speed
The DNS Lookup speed is the duration in milliseconds that it takes for a DNS request to be sent to a name server, and the name server responds with an answer. This does not include the name resolution speed. 21% of name servers respond within 50ms. About 50% of DNS lookups happen in less than 100 milliseconds. 80% of DNS servers respond to DNS queries in less than 200ms.
DNS Errors
DNS Errors Stats
In the top 2 million domain names, only 12.52% of domain names have zero DNS errors. 43.25% of domains have one DNS error. 29.14% of domains have 2 DNS errors. These errors are measured by the SolveDNS DNS testing tool, which is accessible from the home page.
Number of Name Servers Stats
Number of Name Servers Distribution
As expected, 2 name servers is the most common DNS configuration. 76.25% of domain names have two name servers. 18.79% of domains have between 3 and 5 name servers (inclusive). 4.6% of domains have more than 5 name servers.
DNS Lookup Error Rate
DNS Error Rate
DNS is a very rugged protocol which is clearly shown by this pie chart. 90% of name servers have a zero % error rate which means that they responded within 500 milliseconds for all DNS queries that we sent to them. 5.76% of name servers have an error rate of 1 to 2% (inclusive). Only 4.38% of name servers have a failure rate more than 2%.
PageRank Distribution
Google PageRank Distribution
The Google PageRank is a value between 0 and 10 (inclusive) which shows how authoritative a web page is. Higher numbers of PageRank usually show that the page is mentioned on a lot of other pages. The pie chart above shows the distribution of PageRank in the top 1 million domain names. Only 1% of domain names have a page rank of more than 6. These are very old and established sites. A large majority of the web pages have a page rank between 0 and 4.
DNS A Record TTL Values
A record TTL values
TTL stands for time to live. A TTL value is in seconds and it advices the recursor (the ISP's name server) to cache the A records for this duration before asking the authoritative name servers again for the A records. 3600 seconds (1 hour) is the most commonly used value used by 28% of domain names.
SOA Minimum TTL Values
SOA Minimum TTL values
The SOA record minimum TTL (time to live) is a value in seconds used by recursors for negative caching. So, this is the duration in seconds that the ISP's name server will wait before asking for the DNS records again if the authoritative name server sends back an error in the DNS lookup. Of course, as the value is used for negative caching, the lower the value, the better. However, surprisingly, 86400 seconds (1 day) is the most common value used by 35% of domain names. This is probably because of tradition more than a well thought out usage of the value.
Web Programming Languages
Web Programming Languages Market Share
52% of websites use PHP and 40% of websites use Microsoft's ASP. Java (JSP, Servlets) is used by 0.4% of pages. Other programming languages include Ruby, Python, C++ and Perl.
RBL Listings
RBL Listings Statistics
In the top 1 million domain names, 94.97% of domain names have no RBL/DNSBL listing. 3.5% of domain names have 1 listing, 1.25% of domains have 2 listings and only 0.28% of domains have more than 2 listings.
IPv6 AAAA Records Deployment
IPv6 AAAA Records Penetration
In the top 4 million domain names, only 1.16% of domain names have AAAA records which return the IPv6 address of the domain name.
Most Common DNS Errors
Most Common DNS Errors
In the top 4 million domain names, 55% have no SPF record, 15.34% domains are on name servers that support open recursion. 12.79% of domains have no MX records. 8.38% of domain names have lame name servers. 4.71% of domain names have no A records.
Name Server Locations
Name Server Locations
We analyzed 700,000 name servers across the world and we found that 51.01% of the name servers are in the United States followed by Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, Turkey and Russia. Other countries have less than 2% of name servers.
Number of IP Addresses
Number of IP Addresses
The A records of the top one million domain names show that 96.54% of the domain names have only 1 IP Address. 1.79% of domain names have 2 IP addresses and only 1.68% of domains have more than 2 IP addresses.

This page contains 21 pie charts using the Alexa top 1 million domain names for measurements (unless specified differently). The charts were prepared on 31st December 2012. We hope that the at least a few of the charts and statistics presented on this page will be of interest to you.

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