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Reverse IP (IP Neighbors) for IPv4/IPv6 Addresses and Domain Names


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to see a random sample of websites hosted on an IP address. This is generally called reverse IP or IP neighbors. You can enter an IP address, an IPv6 address or a domain/host name. If you enter a domain name, we will lookup its DNS records and find its IP addresses. If the number of IP neighbors is greater than 48, we will show you a random sample.

The Reverse IP tool relies on a database of historical domain name to IP address mappings. We will show you other domain names hosted on the same IP, even if they have stopped using that IP/IPv6 address.

Reverse IPv6 is a new database and only a few top domain names use an IPv6 address, so the data might be sparse, but accurate.

If you are looking for a reverse DNS tool, use this page.

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