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Check RBL and DNSBL Black hole lists


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to quickly check all major RBL and DNSBL black lists. You can either enter a host name (we will look up its IP address) or you can enter an IP address directly. We do not cache the results of the check, so please use the tool sparingly. For e.g., you don't need to check your domain name or IP more than once a day. A lot of our users wonder whether their website is blacklisted. This tool answers exactly that question to give you peace of mind.

We check all major block lists including Spamhaus, UCEProtect, SpamCop,, FusionZero, SORBS, SpamRats, and RedHawk.

Being listed in a black list causes all sorts of problems, including being blocked by mail servers. So you might not be able to send mail to mail servers which routinely check all black hole lists.

An RBL list is an acronym for Real time blackhost list. It is also called DNSBL which stands for DNS based Blackhole List. These lists are quite well maintained and it is possible to get removed from these black lists by visiting their website (e.g.

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