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Get HTTP Response Headers


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to retrieve the response HTTP headers for a domain name, a host name (sub-domain) or a website page. You can also enter an IP address. IPv6 is not supported yet. The HTTP headers provide a view into what is received from your web server like Apache, Nginx, GWS (Google Web Server) or Lighttpd.

The HTTP headers can provide information about a third party site as well, including things like the web server used, the programming language used (e.g. PHP, Java), the character set used by the site or page, the operating system and flavor used by the site (e.g. CentOS, Windows, Linux) and several other useful pieces of information.

We retrieve and display all HTTP response headers including some obscure headers that might be sent by some servers, like an alternate protocol, and proxy information.

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