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DNS Speed Test from multiple network locations,,  COM,,  NET,  TIPS,

This free online tool from SolveDNS tests your DNS hosting speed from multiple locations around the world.

The tool checks your DNS speed from Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London and Sydney. We send requests for A records of your website to all of your servers from multiple distributed locations.

The speed with which the authoritative name servers respond to DNS queries is the first step in the loading of a website by a browser. In most cases, the browser sends a DNS query to a recursive name server provided by your internet servicve provider which in turn, sends a query to your authoritative name server for your domain name. We check the speed with which your authoriative name servers respond to name resolution queries. Having a fast DNS resolution helps the visitors by faster loading of your website.

This test helps you identify and correct DNS errors by sending queries to your name servers from multiple locations. Most DNS queries should be resolved in under 500 ms even if the servers have to be reached across the world. Our timeout is 1 second (1000 ms), but any query that takes more than 500 milliseconds is reported as an error.

You can also check your DNS settings from our check DNS tool. Here is an example:

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