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Check DNS Propagation from multiple network locations


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to check your DNS propagation of A (IP address), AAAA (IPv6 address), MX (mail exchange), NS (name server) and TXT (used for SPF) DNS records from multiple distributed locations across the world including locations in North America (LA, NY, Dallas, SF), Europe (Amsterdam, London), Asia (Singapore, Tokyo) and Australia (Sydney).

It takes time for a change in your DNS records to propagate to servers around the world. Sometimes, the change may take upto 48 hours to reach servers. The speed with which your DNS records propagate depends on your TTL (time to live) values. If the TTL is too low, changes will propagate faster, but it will create more load on your name servers. If the TTL is too high, the changes to your DNS records will take a longer time for propagaion. Use this tool to see if your changes have propagated to all locations. Checking this from four major continents should be enough to give you an idea on when to expect your visitors to reach your new server or IP addresses or start using your new mail servers and so on.

Some sites like may have replicated servers and data across the world. In this case, it is expected that different locations will have differnt DNS records. So if this is the case with your websites, don't worry if the test fails.

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