Overall Rating33333
DNS Speed33333
Customer Service33333
User Interface44444

Zerigo is a non-Anycast DNS provider with 6 network locations around the world. Its DNS platform can also be accessed using a REST API. Its network is spread over North America, Europe and Asia. Zerigo promises updates to DNS propagation in a matter of seconds. It also allows for very low TTL values.

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The following chart shows how the DNS speed of Zerigo’s name servers has changed over the past six months:

Zerigo DNS Speed Chart

One Customer Review of “Zerigo”

Review by Thomas Zickell, June 12, 2014

Overall Rating 33333
DNS Speed 33333
Customer Service 33333
Uptime 33333
User Interface 44444
Price 33333

Very easy to use service not very fast now a reseller of Akamai you would think that would make them much faster it has not however it has fixed their uptime problem from what I can tell. Very intuitive user interface for anyone new to DNS there a good choice lack of ability is very clear. However there able to host domains

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Overall Rating
DNS Speed
Customer Service
User Interface

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