Overall Rating22222
DNS Speed22222
Customer Service55555
User Interface44444

RackSpace’s Cloud DNS is an Anycast DNS service with 5 points of presence across the globe. As far as we can tell, RackSpace’s Cloud DNS offering is for RackSpace customers only.

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The following chart shows how the DNS speed of RackSpace’s name servers has changed over the past six months:

RackSpace DNS Speed Chart

One Customer Review of “RackSpace”

Review by Thomas Zickell, June 12, 2014

Overall Rating 22222
DNS Speed 22222
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 44444
User Interface 44444
Price 55555

It is 100% free and has good uptime the interface is very easy to use however you cannot do anything special like load balance or failover very basic DNS only 5 or 6 POP’s

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Overall Rating
DNS Speed
Customer Service
User Interface

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