Overall Rating44444
DNS Speed33333
Customer Service44444
User Interface44444

PointHQ provides a non-Anycast fully managed DNS service including a free service for upto 5 domain names. Unlimited DNS Records, Email forwarrding, HTTP redirects, zone transfers, SPF records are all supported by PointHQ.

PointHQ provides a globally distributed infrastructure with name servers in North America and Europe. It has 7 points of presence.

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One Customer Review of “PointHQ”

Review by Ján Sáreník, October 31, 2014

Overall Rating 44444
DNS Speed 33333
Customer Service 44444
Uptime 55555
User Interface 44444
Price 33333

Satisfied. It works very well, though ALIAS records are not reliable on subdomains (where I would put them to accelerate DNS resolution).

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Customer Service
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