Overall Rating33333
DNS Speed33333
Customer Service33333
User Interface11111

Google Cloud DNS is a new AnyCast DNS service from Google. It has 12 PoPs across the world with 6 network locations in the US. The pricing is quite reasonable, in fact, it is less than most managed DNS providers.

We don’t currently have much data but the following chart gives you an idea of how Google’s name servers’ speed has changed in the past six months.

GoogleCloudDNS DNS Speed Chart

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One Customer Review of “GoogleCloudDNS”

Review by Thomas Zickell, May 23, 2016

Overall Rating 33333
DNS Speed 33333
Customer Service 33333
Uptime 55555
User Interface 11111
Price 44444

You can do quite a bit with this DNS service but I honestly thought Google would do it a lot better than they ended up doing. The speed is underwhelming the user interface is almost nonexistent. I know this is not an issue for most people that are developers however if you’re not a developer steer clear. I will admit the price is very good but speed is not. You get what you pay for too many people underestimate the speed of DNS it’s one of the most important things in establishing a foundation for a website.

PS I am talking about enterprise DNS there domain registration DNS is even slower.

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