Overall Rating22222
DNS Speed22222
Customer Service22222
User Interface22222

GoDaddy’s premium DNS service is a new addition to Anycast DNS providers. GoDaddy did not share its network locations with us, so we do not know how many points of presence does their service have.

However, they did mention that the network locations are across the globe in North America, Europe and Asia. GoDaddy’s DNS service supports DNSSEC.

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The following chart shows how the DNS speed of GoDaddy’s name servers has changed over the past six months:

GoDaddy DNS Speed Chart

One Customer Review of “GoDaddy”

Review by Thomas Zickell, May 23, 2016

Overall Rating 22222
DNS Speed 22222
Customer Service 22222
Uptime 33333
User Interface 22222
Price 55555

If you are serious about your website and want to make money using it, you will benefit from using a different provider. I have swapped many clients from Go Daddy’s extremely slow and not very intuitive DNS. Do you want to add an extra 50 ms to every query?

Go Daddy’s support team is the second rate they have no idea what they’re talking about you can educate them Instead of the other way around. From what I understand, VeriSign is the backbone of Go Daddy DNS however, and this is far-reaching do not think you are getting the same level of service or the same capabilities as VeriSign DNS for $1,000

It is true that when Go Daddy was it with the denial of service attack (DDoS) taking down thousands of Go Daddy sites using their DNS name servers. That Go Daddy outsourced their DNS infrastructure to VeriSign. Aforementioned I am sure keeps the entire system much more secure than it was, I am not implying toward believing you are getting a premium VeriSign DNS service for nothing.

Go Daddy DNS is slow it should be bypassed. If you don’t want to spend the Penny CloudFlare is free

It is very similar to name cheap where VeriSign is the DNS provider, and you can even purchase their service for two dollars a year. It is not the same VeriSign that is available through VeriSign itself. Do not waste speed on slow DNS switch it out.

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Overall Rating
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