Overall Rating55555
DNS Speed55555
Customer Service55555
User Interface44444

EdgeCast is a DNS and a CDN provider with 23 points of presence across the world. EdgeCast is now owned by Verizon. From the 23 locations, 9 locations are in the US. EdgeCast has the potential to be one of the fastest DNS service in the world.

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The following chart shows how the DNS lookup speed of EdgeCast’s name servers has changed over the past six months (Note that the lookup latency is so low that the chart shows almost zero).

EdgeCast DNS Speed Chart

One Customer Review of “EdgeCast”

Review by Thomas Zickell, March 23, 2015

Overall Rating 55555
DNS Speed 55555
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 55555
User Interface 44444
Price 55555

Edge cast DNS is unlike other any cast DNS systems as to where you have to set up your Glue records so you have to go to your registrar and add the IP addresses to your domain registrar it is the same thing you would do if you are setting up vanity records for anything else.

One other unique ability edge cast has is you can use their failover and load balancing inside of another DNS companies zone file. This is amazing technology.

They’re extremely fast and extremely inexpensive in my opinion
EdgeCast is excellent services. offers geo-IP at a unbelievably inexpensive price.

this is a value unlike any other I have seen in a very long time
if edge cast were to simply use the load-balancing name servers ns1.edgecastdns.net they would have a much better adoption rate than they currently do. You can also go to speedy rails if you want to purchase from a reseller

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Overall Rating
DNS Speed
Customer Service
User Interface

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