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Dyn (Dyn Inc) was established in 1998 and is one of the oldest managed Anycast DNS providers. Dyn’s headquarters are in Manchester in NH. It started off as a dynamic DNS service but now offers a full fledged managed DNS service. Dyn created the Dynect managed DNS service in 2007.

Dyn has remained in the top 3 fastest DNS services for several months. Dyn DNS lookups have been under 10 ms for several months. Dyn also offers an uninterrupted email service. It has 17 points of presence across the world. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, CNBC and Salesforce all use Dyn for their DNS.

Dyn provides DNS and email services to 4 million domain names across the world.

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The following chart shows how the DNS lookup speed of Dyn name servers has changed over the past six months.

Dyn DNS Speed Chart

One Customer Review of “Dynect”

Review by Thomas Zickell, April 27, 2013

Overall Rating 55555
DNS Speed 55555
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 55555
User Interface 55555
Price 55555

The best DNS is DynECT DNS concluded from using approximately 8 or 9 of the DNS hosts here Dyn is far and away the best.
They have the best real-world times I’ve experienced. There customer service is 2nd to none. Their ability to control content delivery networks with their DNS along with load-balancing makes them very unique add in the ability to have automated domain keys something only 2 or 3 of the other hosts offer it all adds up to the best DNS for your website brother not it is a personal blog or a Fortune 100 corporate site and let’s not forget that they are the ones powering twitter where resolution time matters a lot UltraDNS lists Amazon has there’s in fact that’s not the truth it is split between Dyn & UltraDNS because Dyn is the host with the longest uptime of over 11 years and UltraDNS makes everyone sign a contract it’s no wonder there using both.

You can’t make a wrong decision with this company in my opinion. Please know I will be giving reviews of the other companies I have used.

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Overall Rating
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