Overall Rating55555
DNS Speed55555
Customer Service55555
User Interface55555

DtDNS was founded in 1999 and is a dynamic and managed DNS provider. It does not offer an Anycast service. However, its name servers are distributed across the United States. DtDNS has name servers in Dallas TX, Tampa FL and Seattle WA.

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One Customer Review of “DtDNS”

Review by MickZA, April 16, 2014

Overall Rating 55555
DNS Speed 55555
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 55555
User Interface 55555
Price 55555

Moved to DtDNS when Dyn canceled their free service.

Using the $5 option for 5+ hostnames (19 at present) and it’s working fine. Based in South Africa and updates are instantaneous.

Very happy thus far.

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Overall Rating
DNS Speed
Customer Service
User Interface

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