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July 2013 DNS Speed Comparison Report

2013-07 dns speed comparison chart

These are the dns speed rankings for July 2013. This report includes the fastest managed DNS services across the world. In the month of July 2013, DNSMadeEasy, CloudFlare and Dyn are the top three managed DNS providers in terms of speed. Averaged across all name servers, DNSMadeEasy took 4.95 milliseconds, CloudFlare took 5.45 milliseconds and Dyn took 5.99 milliseconds. These are across several million DNS queries across over 1.1 million name servers across the world. DNSMadeEasy has 16 points of presence across the world. CloudFlare has 120 network locations and Dyn has 18 locations.

If you would like us to review your service, just send us an email to the address in the footer with a complete list of your name servers and we will add your service to this list as soon as possible.

Ranking Name Average Median LA Dallas NY Min Max SD 95% CI AnyCast PoPs DNSSEC
1DNSMadeEasy4.954.377.662.584.621.2414.953.63[3.91, 6]Yes16No
2CloudFlare5.454.676.185.34.852.9852.883.78[5.02, 5.87]Yes120Yes
3Dyn5.993.283.788.885.311.1535.217.21[5.28, 6.69]Yes18Yes
4UltraDNS10.1910.5212.249.588.741.8485.110.85[8.43, 11.94]Yes32Yes
5Route 5314.8110.0216.7520.866.811.09106.7515.14[14.43, 15.19]Yes50No
6ProDNS26.333.731.8626.9420.21.3144.1441.24[5.46, 47.2]Yes28No
7No-IP32.2929.1312.9138.1545.81.5272.7423.7[20.29, 44.28]Yes55Yes
8DNS.com33.8129.0429.0469.882.512.4985.8628.22[17.84, 49.78]Yes14No
9GoDaddy43.0326.1618.1132.6578.3313.9281.6524.31[33.86, 52.2]Yes5Yes
10Rackspace45.1448.1252.6317.5865.193.882.2624.83[25.27, 65.01]Yes5No
11EasyDNS48.3235.7241.2548.8554.8510.26158.6740.67[36.3, 60.33]Yes25Yes
12He.net48.4844.6930.0547.1668.226.41107.8226.85[34.88, 62.07]Yes24No
13ZoneEdit51.6445.6145.9347.99612.42203.1541.84[41.05, 62.23]No13No
14Netriplex54.0747.1378.5440.2943.411.97161.3939.32[35.38, 72.77]Yes32No
15Zerigo57.5844.5669.454.249.142.83121.5137.93[32.8, 82.36]No6No
16DNSimple58.6562.0846.8960.4268.6415.3899.0425.63[44.15, 73.15]Yes5No
17Afilias61.7860.7373.0942.5569.719.79164.5742.53[42.13, 81.43]Yes18Yes
18Nettica65.7568.3174.5761.9460.733.48164.939.93[47.3, 84.19]No5No
19DNSPark70.0776.5196.546.167.612148.9447.77[46.66, 93.48]Yes45No
20Akamai88.1265.0173.93116.5673.872.49297.6535.98[83.07, 93.17]YesNAYes

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