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Proximity, Geographical Location and DNS Lookup Speed

Proximity of the name server to the users location plays a very important role in DNS lookup speed. Proximity reduces the number of hops that take place while the DNS packets are routed. This is the reason why several large … Continue reading

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Web Server Statistics

A web server consists of several components – the operating system (e.g. Linux), the web server (e.g. Apache) and the programming language (e.g. PHP). There are a variety of combinations of these that occur on websites across the web. We … Continue reading

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IPv6 Deployment by Country and Statistics

IPv6 is a new protocol introduced because of the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Many countries (especially in Europe and Asia) have exhausted their share of IPv4 addresses completely. IPv4 provides about 4.29 billion IP addresses while IPv6 provides a much larger … Continue reading

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SOA Minimum TTL Value Recommendations

The DNS SOA Minimum TTL value has had a lot of meanings. The old meaning was that the value was used as a default TTL value when the TTL value associated with a record was absent. The new and current meaning … Continue reading

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Recursive DNS Queries may degrade performance

It is a known fact that supporting open DNS recursion on your name servers is not recommended. Recursive queries cause more load on the name server and as I show in this article, it significantly degrades performance. I will quantify … Continue reading

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Major DNS Providers Speed Comparison

In this report, I will compare the top 10 DNS providers and hosting companies in terms of the latency of their name servers. I will also write on the DNS speed distribution of authoritative name servers in the United States. … Continue reading

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DNS Speed (Latency) from USA to other countries

A question I got from a user was – what is the average DNS speed from USA to my country? Many times, your name server might not be in the US but in some other distant country and one might wonder … Continue reading

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TTL Values: Statistics and Distribution

Last week I wrote about the statistics on the number of name servers. In this post I am going to have some fun analyzing our data about TTLs and report statistics and the distribution of the TTL (time to live) … Continue reading

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Number of Name Servers – Statistics and Distribution

Authoritative Name Servers are an important part of the domain name system (DNS); they provide the necessary resolution from a user friendly name like to its IP address. Should a name server fail, this resolution cannot happen and visitors … Continue reading

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The DNS Changer Virus

The DNS Changer virus is a malware that infects your computer and changes your DNS servers to so called rouge DNS servers operated by the creators of the virus. The effect is that if you try to visit a site, … Continue reading

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