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Web Server Statistics

A web server consists of several components – the operating system (e.g. Linux), the web server (e.g. Apache) and the programming language (e.g. PHP). There are a variety of combinations of these that occur on websites across the web. We … Continue reading

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IPv6 Deployment by Country and Statistics

IPv6 is a new protocol introduced because of the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Many countries (especially in Europe and Asia) have exhausted their share of IPv4 addresses completely. IPv4 provides about 4.29 billion IP addresses while IPv6 provides a much larger … Continue reading

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SOA Minimum TTL Value Recommendations

The DNS SOA Minimum TTL value has had a lot of meanings. The old meaning was that the value was used as a default TTL value when the TTL value associated with a record was absent. The new and current meaning … Continue reading

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