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Accompanying Name
DNS Speed From Seven Nodes
Speed Chart Los Angeles -
Speed Chart Dallas -
Speed Chart New York -
Speed Chart San Francisco -
Speed Chart London -
Speed Chart Amsterdam -
Speed Chart Singapore -
Summary is a DNS name server located in San Mateo, United States. For the past six months, responded to DNS queries with a speed of 9.41 milliseconds. An IP address of the name server is In the past six months, responded without timing out 99.99% of time (success rate). The failure rate shows the reliability of the name server. The name server does not support recursive queries. 97.53% of name servers are slower than
Name Value
6 Months Average Speed 9.41 ms (97.53 percentile)
6 Months Success Rate 99.99%
IP Address
Location San Mateo, United States
Open Recursion No
Company UltraDNS Corp
Historical Speed - Los Angeles
Speed Chart -
The average speed of the name server in the past six months is 9.41 milliseconds. In the past month, responded to DNS queries in 10.22 milliseconds. The below table shows the average response time of for the past six months and shows how fast the name server is. The percentile value shows what percent of name servers are slower. The current month's data will be updated at the end of the month.
Month Speed in milliseconds Percentile
2015-02 29.79 91.13
2015-03 8.59 97.69
2015-04 1.47 99.00
2015-05 1.51 99.00
2015-06 4.88 98.33
2015-07 10.22 97.20
Success Rate
Uptime Chart -
In the past six months, successfully responded to DNS queries 99.99% of the time. In the past month, the success rate of is 99.96%. The below table shows the uptime of the name server for the past six months. The current month's down time statistics will be updated at the end of the month. Note that we do not monitor the name server at regular intervals.
Month Successful Response %
2015-02 100.00
2015-03 99.97
2015-04 100.00
2015-05 100.00
2015-06 100.00
2015-07 99.96
The below table shows a sample of domain names that use is authoritative for these domain names. An authoritative name server responds to DNS queries for the domain name which include A, NS, SOA, MX, and TXT DNS records.
Domain NameInformation
futrellmarine.comCheck DNS
business.comCheck DNS
quinnsmarina.comCheck DNS
ranchozabaco.comCheck DNS
ranchersatv.comCheck DNS
vividpersonals.comCheck DNS
mundoanuncio.clCheck DNS
regishighlander.comCheck DNS
hallsmarine.comCheck DNS
idaniel.comCheck DNS DNS
riverstates.comCheck DNS DNS
ogradymeyers.comCheck DNS DNS
allposters.deCheck DNS
rosarian.comCheck DNS
lacapitolfcu.comCheck DNS
sportsbet.comCheck DNS DNS
whns.comCheck DNS
shockwave.comCheck DNS
bmsar.netCheck DNS DNS
bechtel.comCheck DNS
Name Server Neighbors
The following table shows name servers that are used along with

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