Overall Rating55555
DNS Speed4.
Customer Service55555
User Interface55555
Price55555 is a non-Anycast DNS provider with 9 network locations in Europe and North America. 4 of the 9 servers are offered in the free DNS service. The rest are included only in the paid DNS service.

ClouDNS also offers a dynamic DNS service. The managed DNS service includes support forĀ A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SPF, NS, AAAA, SRV, RP, and SOA records, It also supports round robin DNS.

The records can also be accessed through an API.

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The following chart shows how the DNS lookup speed of ClouDNS’s name servers (in the US) has changed over the past six months:

ClouDNS DNS Speed Chart

2 Customer Reviews of “ClouDNS”

Review by Cool Tv, January 14, 2013

Overall Rating 55555
DNS Speed 44444
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 55555
User Interface 55555
Price 55555

I’m using free service of ClouDNS, and i’m happy. I will buy the premium service from ClouDNS very soon.

Review by Chris, April 11, 2014

Overall Rating 55555
DNS Speed 55555
Customer Service 55555
Uptime 55555
User Interface 55555
Price 55555

Some years ago I was using but their pricing structure became pretty bad. As I registered countless domains with lots of different registrars, I was looking for some centralized DNS management option and so I came across ClouDNS which I’m pretty happy with so far. Low fees, copying complete zones for new setups, DNS branding, 13 DNS servers thruout the globe, etc. are things making me a happy customer! :)

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