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June 2013 DNS Speed Comparison Report

2013-06 dns speed comparison chart

These are the dns speed rankings for June 2013. This report includes the fastest managed DNS services across the world. In the month of June 2013, CloudFlare, Dyn and DNSMadeEasy are the top three managed DNS providers in terms of speed. Averaged across all name servers, CloudFlare took 6.97 milliseconds, Dyn took 8.62 milliseconds and DNSMadeEasy took 9.91 milliseconds. These are across several million DNS queries across over 1.1 million name servers across the world. CloudFlare has 120 points of presence across the world. Dyn has 18 network locations and DNSMadeEasy has 16 locations.

If you would like us to review your service, just send us an email to the address in the footer with a complete list of your name servers and we will add your service to this list as soon as possible.

Ranking Name Average Median LA Dallas NY Min Max SD 95% CI AnyCast PoPs DNSSEC
1CloudFlare6.975.3811.753.785.382.8753.545.14[6.39, 7.55]Yes120Yes
2Dyn8.623.434.4616.155.251.3449.679.4[7.71, 9.53]Yes18Yes
3DNSMadeEasy9.915.66.9818.014.742.3941.910.41[6.76, 13.06]Yes16No
4UltraDNS14.2811.0220.3313.389.121.6754.5213.15[12.13, 16.42]Yes32Yes
5Route 5319.6310.0115.8219.4723.611.03123.0823.46[19.04, 20.22]Yes50No
6GoDaddy23.3723.2319.9340.0110.179.6747.2912.29[18.23, 28.5]Yes5Yes
7ProDNS24.353.5431.4321.9819.631.35141.8537.83[5.2, 43.49]Yes28No
8No-IP26.329.1713.7633.3131.821.4749.9815.91[18.25, 34.35]Yes19No
9VerisignDNS33.2137.8448.2640.6710.693.8789.4122.58[22.78, 43.64]Yes17Yes
10Rackspace45.1248.7352.0817.6265.674.1882.624.89[25.21, 65.04]Yes5No
11Netriplex49.9141.8462.7443.7443.2511.77128.631.72[34.83, 64.99]Yes32No
12Afilias53.7538.5973.6569.4618.159.81204.5245.04[32.94, 74.56]Yes18Yes
13ZoneEdit54.448.7952.2850.0460.892.29203.1942.72[43.6, 65.21]No13No
14DNSimple56.3352.9554.2951.1963.5219.9195.6723.62[42.97, 69.7]Yes5No
15Zerigo62.0763.58108.3935.9341.892.98132.6339.71[36.13, 88.01]No6No
16DNSPark69.4753.590.0550.3667.991.89152.6143.63[47.39, 91.55]Yes45No
17Akamai74.7462.371.8283.4468.952.51228.7235.22[69.1, 80.37]YesNAYes
18EasyDNS132.4169.7268.83274.1554.2410.89694.58167.53[83.46, 181.36]Yes25Yes
19Nettica134.2964.5360.34277.5165.0419.39599.13174.84[51.18, 217.41]No5No
20He.net144.7438.1528.83221.15184.246.4910.07252.67[16.87, 272.61]Yes24No
21DNS.com161.7564.6692.95389.832.462.42733.39251.49[19.45, 304.04]Yes14No

Managed DNS Providers Market Share

Cloudflare is a DNS and CDN provider which helps speed up your websites considerably. It has consistently remained in the top three fastest managed DNS services across several months. Cloudflare was publicly launched in 2010 and has grown significantly since then. Being an Anycast service, Cloudflare automatically routes your requests geo-targetted. So you never lose speed becuase of the distance between the servers. The DNS speed of Cloudflare has been around 5 ms which shows that the company has made significant efforts to speed up DNS lookups.

Dyn is one of the older DNS service providers. It started off as a dynamic dns service but now it is a full fledged managed DNS service. Dyn has remained in the top 3 fastest DNS services for several months. Dyn DNS lookups have been under 10 ms for several months. Dyn was established in 2001 and in addition to DNS, it also offers an uninterruped email service. It has 17 data centers across the world. Dyn is obsessed with uptime (which you can see on our name server analytics pages). Twitter, Netflix, CNBC, Salesforce all use Dyn for their DNS.

DNSMadeEasy is an Anycast managed dns service provider. According to our rankings, it has consistently remained in the top 5 fastest DNS services in the world. The network of DNS Made Easy is globally distributed which makes dns speeds faster for visitors around the world. It has 12 geographically distributed networks across the world. DNS Made Easy authoritative DNS is used by more than 600,000 domain names and it serves over 2 billion DNS queries per day. It also offers a system monitoring service in addition to DNS. DNSMadeEasy offers a free 30 day trial of their service by just opening an account without any commitment and without using a credit card. In addition to speed, its DNS failover service promises very high uptimes. Recently, it introduced ANAME records which are a better alternative to CNAME records.

Neustar UltraDNS is one of the oldest and most popular DNS providers in the world. Neustar was founded in 1996. Neustar also manages several top level domains like .us and .biz. UltraDNS's service has an in build DDoS (Distributed denial of service) protection. UltraDNS has consistently remained in the top 10 fastest DNS providers in our monthly reports. It also has one of the largest AnyCast networks in the world. In addition to an Anycast DNS service, Neustar also provides website monitoring, security threat monitoring and IP geolocation services.

Route53 is a managed DNS service from Amazon. It is a relatively new service. It is highly scalable and globally distributed. It effectively connects user requests to infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as the EC2 Elastic Cloud service, the Amazon load balancer and the Amazon storage services. Recently, NASA/JPL used the Route53 service for load balancing during Curiosity's Mars landing! Route53 has a very large number of server names which makes it difficult to monitor on SolveDNS. Compared to the top 3, Route53 does not impress us with its speed. Route53 is also an AnyCast service which routes the DNS queries to the nearest server for fastest response time. It is a pay as you go service like all Amazon web services.

Verisign Managed DNS
Verisign Managed DNS is a relatively new DNS service by Verisign, the worlds leading web security provider. It is an Anycast DNS service which promises 100% DNS uptime. It is one of the fastest DNS providers in our reports. Its globally distributed and massively scaled infrastructure provides the highest uptimes possible. It also provides 24/7 support which is very useful for people across the globe. In addition to DNS it also provides security for your DNS zones to protect against threats like poisoning and DDoS attacks.

EasyDNS is one of the older Anycast DNS services. EasyDNS is also a domain name registrar where you can register and manage your domain names. EasyDNS does not impress us with its DNS speeds; however, you should definitely read this article from EasyDNS. EasyDNS also offers DNS failover. Recently, EasyDNS patented a technology called Proactive NameServers which promises 100% DNS uptime for mission critical domain names. Proactive name servers also supports Route53.

ZoneEdit is probably the oldest DNS service provider. It does not offer AnyCast; its name servers are located in the United States. It became popular as a Dynamic DNS service, though now it offers a full fledged managed dns service. It offers a primary and a secondary service. With three name servers, it promises an uptime of 99.998% and with four name servers, it promises an uptime of 99.9999% which is sufficient for most websites.

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