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Check DNS From Multiple Locations


This free online tool from SolveDNS allows you to check your dns settings for commonly occurring mistakes in the DNS records of your domain name. It starts by querying the root server and then the TLD server and it creates a complete recursive path from the root server to the TLD server to your domain name's DNS name servers.

The tool checks A records, NS records, the SOA record, and MX records for errors and accuracy. It does a comprehensive test of all DNS records across all of your name servers. There are many other subtle tests like checking whether your name servers support recursion without your knowing about it. Supporting recursive queries is a security risk and if you do want to support it, you should be aware of it.

The tool checks all of your domain name's DNS name servers from 7 locations across the world (Europe, Asia and North America). It reports the speed with which your name servers perform from all 7 locations in real time. In most cases, if your servers are located in the US, the speed from Asia and Europe will be affected and you should know what kind of a DNS latency you should expect for users in other continents.

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