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This blog is about all issues related to DNS be it accuracy, consistency, performance, speed, availability and more! As part of  SolveDNS we have made an effort to collect anonymous statistics about name servers, domain names and DNS in general. This blog will try to summarize the data. Follow us on Twitter @SolveDNS!

SolveDNS was founded in February of 2012, but the real effort to develop the site into a usable web application happened in May of 2012. So we are just two two months old!

The Free DNS Report

SolveDNS generates a verbose DNS report that checks your domain name and name servers for consistency, reliability, speed, and accuracy. It checks your A, MX, NS, SPF and SOA records in a few seconds and generates a report. The problems that SolveDNS finds are classified into a warning or a fail. A warning, though does not affect the functioning of your site, should be taken seriously as it may affect your performance in the long run. A fail  should be taken very seriously and should be fixed ASAP.

SolveDNS Tests

Here are some things that SolveDNS checks:

  1. Number of name servers – It is important that your domain name have at least two name servers, and preferably in different geographical locations.
  2. Different parent and NS Records – If the name servers at your registrar are different from your NS records, SolveDNS generates a warning. This is the most common DNS warning.
  3. Lame name servers – A lame name server is one that does not respond authoritatively for a domain name, but is listed as being authoritative. Lame name servers might seriously affect the performance of your site
  4. Recursive Queries – If your name servers support recursive queries, they are vulnerable to being used by users that don’t necessarily have DNS records on your name servers. This is very undesirable and should be corrected immediately.
  5. Consistency – SolveDNS checks for consistency of A, MX and SOA records across all your name servers
  6. WWW record – All domain names should have an A record for domain.com and for www.domain.com
  7. SPF record – It is recommended that you create an SPF record for your domain name to avoid mail spoofing.
  8. Average Speed – SolveDNS reports the average time that your name server took to respond to DNS queries. Our time out is 1 second, though we consider any response that takes more than 500ms to be an error. An average speed of 500 ms is 3 percentile which is both slow and unusual for a DNS service.
  9. Uptime – SolveDNS will report the number of times your name server timed out (> 500ms) for all queries that we sent to it. To make the timeout data more reliable, we consider a timeout if the response time is greater than 500ms and the response time is more than twice the time that the root name server took. This removes spurious timeouts that are caused because of network problems.

Shoot your domain name at http://www.solvedns.com and optimize your DNS!

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