Major DNS Providers Speed Comparison


In this report, I will compare the top 10 DNS providers and hosting companies in terms of the latency of their name servers. I will also write on the DNS speed distribution of authoritative name servers in the United States., CloudFlare and Dyn are the top three fastest DNS providers in July of 2012.

The data used in this report consists of more than 10 million DNS queries across 270,000 name servers out of which 114,000 name servers are in the United States.

Major Authoritative DNS Providers sorted by average DNS speed

Company Average Speed
Min Max Standard Deviation AnyCast 6.77 4.49 10.28 2.37 Yes
CloudFlare 7.45 4.44 33.48 3.80 Yes
Dyn 8.37 4.81 21.42 4.01 Yes
DNSMadeEasy 9.46 4.27 17.70 5.10 Yes
VerisignDNS 22.34 5.13 56.43 24.04 Yes
Netriplex 29.81 5.38 82.96 28.13 Yes
UltraDNS 44.96 4.39 81.44 26.47 Yes
Nettica 48.97 29.14 79.95 19.12 No
ZoneEdit 64.65 18.19 142.16 38.62 No
EasyDNS 76.42 3.70 163.86 62.08 Yes

Note that even if a single name server of a company misbehaved or timed out a few times, the average latency will be impacted significantly. So the average speed in the above table is not only a test of speed, but also of availability.

(I removed companies that do not offer a DNS service that can be used by the general population)

Fastest DNS Services - Histogram of Major DNS Providers

The red line shows the average DNS speed across all name servers in the United States.

DNS Speed Distribution in the United States in July 2012

In my June 2012 post about DNS speed, I wrote about the DNS speed distribution and other statistics for name servers across the world. This time I am going to focus only on name servers in the United States:

  • The average DNS latency in the United States is 65.15 ms
  • The median DNS speed is 58.37 ms
  • The mode of the DNS speed values is 58.18 ms
  • Top 5% is 12.15 ms
  • Top 10% is 19.21 ms
  • Top 50% (median) is 58.37 ms
  • Top 90% is 93 ms
  • Top 95% is 131.89 ms
Here is the density distribution plot for name servers in the United States:
DNS Speed Distribution in the United States

Only 0.8% of name servers have a latency that is higher than 250 ms. So I decided to ignore those name servers.

The data clearly shows that the top 4 DNS services:, CloudFlare, Dyn and DNSMadeEasy have made significant efforts to speed up their DNS lookups. Their speed is faster than the top 5% in the United States.

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