June 2012 DNS Name Servers Statistics


This is the first in the series of monthly anonymous statistics about name servers and DNS in general. The data used in the analysis is collected from the domain names that a user checks on solvedns.com which resulted in several million DNS queries over more than 500,000 name servers in June 2012.

Note that these DNS queries are not cached DNS answers from an ISP. SolveDNS directly queries the authoritative name servers of the domain name bypassing any caching DNS servers.

Here are some statistics collected from the data for June 2012:

0.33% (1 in every 300) of DNS queries timed out at > 500ms. (This is after removing the tail of name servers that have an average speed greater than 500ms). This could be due to congestion or due to failures called the Byzantine failures.

The median name server speed was 87 ms, the mean was 149 ms (This paper reports 152ms). Mean maximum was 169ms and Mean minimum was 140ms.

The overall name server speed distribution was bimodal. The first mode is at 51 ms and the second mode is at 165 ms. The two modes probably imply US based name servers and non-US based name servers.

Name Server Speed Density

Here are the name server speed percentiles (as calculated from Utah in the US):

  • Top 1%: 5ms
  • Top 5%: 17ms
  • Top 10%: 30ms
  • Top 50%: 87ms
  • Top 75%: 171ms
  • Top 90%: 216ms (This paper reports 275ms)
  • Top 97%: 500ms

Top 10 companies with the fastest authoritative name servers in June 2012:

eNomBlueHost and DreamHost had the busiest name servers in June 2012The name servers of these three companies consisted of 6% of the total DNS queries on SolveDNS in 06/2012.

Here are the top 20 busiest name servers:

  1. dns1.name-services.com
  2. dns2.name-services.com
  3. dns4.name-services.com
  4. dns3.name-services.com
  5. dns5.name-services.com
  6. ns1.bluehost.com
  7. ns2.bluehost.com
  8. sell.internettraffic.com
  9. buy.internettraffic.com
  10. ns2.dreamhost.com
  11. ns1.dreamhost.com
  12. yns1.yahoo.com
  13. yns2.yahoo.com
  14. ns3.dreamhost.com
  15. ns51.domaincontrol.com
  16. ns52.domaincontrol.com
  17. ns2.rackspace.com
  18. ns.rackspace.com
  19. ns2.dsredirection.com
  20. ns1.dsredirection.com

Country specific statistics (which might be more interesting) will soon follow!

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