IPv6 Deployment by Country and Statistics


IPv6 is a new protocol introduced because of the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Many countries (especially in Europe and Asia) have exhausted their share of IPv4 addresses completely. IPv4 provides about 4.29 billion IP addresses while IPv6 provides a much larger amount, not likely to be exhausted.

In this post I will analyze the data of the top 2 million domain names and provide statistics and penetration of IPv6 addresses by country. Note that these are domain names with IPv6 AAAA DNS records. Measuring general penetration of IPv6 is beyond the scope of this post.

According to our data, websites in Germany have the highest deployment of IPv6 addresses of about 8%, followed by Russia at about 7.94%. Domain names in the United States have about 0.29% of penetration.

The worldwide deployment of IPv6 AAAA records is 1.03%.

The following table shows what percentage of domain names in each country have adopted IPv6 addresses:

Country Domain Names with AAAA records
Germany 8%
Russian Federation 7.94%
Czech Republic 7.75%
Netherlands 2.47%
Switzerland 2.44%
France 1.95%
Spain 1.5%
Australia 1.23%
Poland 0.7%
Hong Kong 0.6%
United Kingdom 0.5%
Ukraine 0.4%
India 0.4%
Ireland 0.4%
Italy 0.38%
United States 0.29%
Canada 0.24%
Thailand 0.2%
Japan 0.14%
Korea 0.12%
Turkey 0.05%
China 0.04%

If your country is not listed in the table above, it is because we did not have enough data. I will keep updating this table as we gather data about more domain names.

IPv6 Deployment By Country

A similar report by Hurricane Electric (which uses only the Alexa top 1 million domain names) shows that the worldwide adoption of AAAA records is 3.5%. We use the top 2 million domain names which also include very low traffic domain names.

Another study by IPv6 Observatory (which uses only 500 domain names) shows that the world side average is 2.37% and Czech Republic has the highest usage of AAAA records of 9%. This is similar to what we found in our study, though we use a much larger sample of domain names.

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